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Thursday, April 27, 2006



Happy Thursday! :)


I have a younger bro and a younger sis, little with him but with my sis- too bad there is a whole ocean in between. I think your children are too young to appreciate their siblings, it comes with time... thanks for visiting my TT!


I meant to say I have little contact with my brother, but I am close to my sis, missed the word above, sorry!


I do hope that S and M get together speaking again.

Nice TT, really personal. :-)


We always used to go to Pizza Hut for celebration meals, I love that place!


I'm sorry about your mom. I do the same thing, shut down emotionally so that it doesn't hurt. I will probably do the same thing when my mom passes away.

Your daughter is beautiful - then and now!!

Undercover Angel

I'm sorry about your mom. I lost my dad to cancer 6 years ago. My TT is up at


Wow, you're the second post I've read today with family "issues." Hugs.

My list


Im so sorry to hear about ur mother's death, rest in peace! Chidlren grew up fast, time flies i guess, I do hope also S & M are back to speaking again, siblings are important. hugs!!


That is sad. My sister and I fought a lot growing up, but now we are really close (not geographically though - we live about 8 hours driving from each other). Hopefully time will help.
Thanks for stopping by!


I am sorry to hear about your childhood, good memories are precious things.

Great TT, thanks for visiting mine.

K T Cat

What a gentle and thoughtful list!


You made that drawing of your siblings? That's awesome!


Interesting that you have no photos of you and your siblings together. Now that I come to think of it neither have I!

Lovely TT
Elle xx


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